We turn data into profitable trades!

Leveraging advanced strategies and high-liquidity exchanges for optimal trading results
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Who We Are

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A part of
Smart Team

Part of Smart Team, an international fintech group focused on global financial exchange trading, technology development, and fostering partnerships for joint projects and charitable initiatives in healthcare and education, promoting a strong sense of community among employees.

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Proprietary trading experts

Since 2020, our core activity and passion have been equity and ETF trading on the US stock markets. As a proprietary trading firm, we trade exclusively with our own capital, never collecting funds from individuals. We are not involved with FX or anything crypto-related. Proudly niche experts in the US market, we focus on premarket sessions and statistical analysis.

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We thrive on global events like hybrid market transitions, financial crises, and multiple US presidential elections in a row. Our traders have weathered many crises (black swans) and market volatility periods, becoming a team of experienced professionals whose expertise enables strategies that consistently make profit regardless of the circumstances.

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Transforming data into profits

We rely on sophisticated statistical and algorithmic solutions in our active trading and portfolio/risk management. As firm believers in data as the first step to successful trading, we only deal with time-tested data providers like Bloomberg and ICE Data Services. Then, we turn the data into profitable trades.

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The present-day trading environment keeps us constantly adjusting to the financial markets’ breakneck pace by integrating complex and unique trading solutions. Each trader in our company gets top-tier hardware, trading software, high-speed Internet, and all the data that they need. We believe it is worth investing in whatever can increase the stability of the network and cut the time needed to deliver the order to New York.

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With annual audits by Deloitte, a Big Four company, our financial activities are based on transparency, honesty, and compliance with international law to the fullest extent possible.

Key figures

1 M+
daily stock turnover
expert employees
Up to 100
trade executions per
second at the peak
strategies developed, tested, and utilized by our traders daily
400 ms
to take a position
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What We Do

Trading on the American stock market

Our focus is trading during extended hours sessions and the main market session opening. Trading exclusively on the largest US stock exchanges, we have access to stocks of the most prominent publicly traded companies and corporations worldwide with huge market capitalization, stable liquidity, transparent regulations, and clear market rules.

Proprietary software development

We turn data into profitable trades! Our sister company Datum develops software for generating mathematically proven models for the sector (e.g., semiconductor, machinery, finance, etc.) trading approaches and data processing to enable quick investment decision-making. The software is specifically adapted to the strategies and needs of our internal team to boost the effectiveness of our trading and enable the faster processing of large data volumes to keep us abreast of market developments.

Risk management strategy development

We have a team of professional risk managers constantly analyzing the market. To manage risks proactively, our specialists provide ongoing support to each trader during trading and help with result analysis to create a balanced portfolio of stocks and enable effective loss management during periods of volatility. Working with large data volumes and the tools for their effective processing, we can assess your current portfolio the most accurately.

Education and development for traders

We hire talent worldwide and offer training programs built on our in-house trader education methods and strategies, achieving the narrow specialization required to work per our company’s approaches. With our techniques, mathematical models, unique strategies, and approach to working with data, a beginner can start trading effectively within six months. We also contribute to the ongoing growth of our specialists’ expertise and capabilities, providing career development opportunities for everyone.


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Mykola Sushko

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Anzhelika Sydorchuk

Head Of Finance
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Olga Arkhangelska

Head Of Legal 
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Oleksandr Danyliuk

Head Of Operations 
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Human Resources Generalist


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